I design websites, but that is not what I started out trying to do. I began an online business several years ago. I found that to be successful in the online world I had to learn internet marketing or I wasn't going to make it online. Through years of trial and error I had finally mastered my corner of internet marketing.

My original online business has done well, but I decided to venture into another realm of internet marketing by designing websites. Most people who design websites do not have the rich experience that I have in online marketing. I understand what customers are looking for in a website. I know the types of things on your website that will turn people off and the things that will make them stay. I know how to design a website in a way that will allow people to find you by a simple Google search. I design websites with one thing in mind: giving you a solid online presence.

Along with web design, I also offer social media integration and management. I know how to make you an incredible Facebook fan page or Twitter presence because I have done both many times over. I can design your logo and make awesome graphics for your website. I also offer different search engine optimization packages for you to choose from to get you to the top of Google or Bing.

The thing I do the best is make you happy. I will make any changes you desire until we get your website where you want it to be.