Website Design

If you are unfamiliar with Responsive Web Design don't be discouraged... most people are. However, in the next few years that will change. Websites are no longer built in a traditional way where it only has one layout. A Responsive website is just what it says it is... it responds to the browser used by the device you are viewing it on.

Take this website for example. If you are viewing this on a desktop computer, simply click the top right hand corner of this window and drag it to the lower left corner of your screen. You will notice that as the window gets smaller the format changes several times. The smallest layout you can get to is what the website will look like on a smartphone. The days are gone when you had to buy a separate mobile website for your business (even though some people will still try to sell you one!). I know personally, that whenever I went to a mobile site the first thing I usually did was click the "View Full Site" button because I knew that some of the functionality and content was missing from the mobile site compared to the full version. With a Responsive website this is not the case. The integrity of your website is the same on a mobile phone as it is on a full desktop version. The only difference is the site will just be easier to read and navigate on a smaller device.

We specialize in making websites with a Responsive design because it just makes sense for your business. We do not only make brand new websites for customers, but often we are updating and redesigning websites for customers with outdated ones. If your site was made only 5 years ago, chances are that it is extremely out of date. A new Responsive website will get you back up to speed! It is only costing you money to have a website that is not mobile friendly. Already, more than half of your customers are visiting your website from a mobile device. If you cannot capture their attention they will go elsewhere. Wouldn't it be nice if all your customers had to do to reach you from your website was simply click on your phone number instead of having to manually type it in? With a Responsive website this is possible (along with one click emailing). There are many other features we can also add. Just reach out to us today for your free consultation!