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Armstong SEO services are very effective & capable of bringing your website in rank. We provide white hat SEO services for your website organic search results. Often we hear businesses say things like, "It is impossible to rank high on Google" or even "My business does not need to rank high in Google to do well." In our opinion, both of these are false. You can rank high in Google. If you are a landscaper you may not be able to rank in the top 3 for "Landscaper". However, chances are people are not just searching "landscaper" because it is too general. We know how to find the right keywords you need to rank high for to be successful.

Google has gotten a lot "smarter" over the years with advanced algorithms to give searchers exactly what they are looking for in the results. There used to be several "black hat" or "quick fix" strategies that internet marketers could use to "trick" Google into ranking them highly. That is not the case anymore. You cannot outsmart Google. The solution is placing rich content with keywords in just the right places. Google penalizes a site now for repeating the same keyword over and over again. We will craft your website in a way that Google will quickly index your pages and know that you have rich content on your website. This process takes time and will not take place over night, but over a period of time you will see your website begin to rise past your competitors.

Most businesses will not be able to survive long term without an SEO strategy. Do you know what the fasting growing demographic is on the internet? The answer is women over 55 years old. Even your Grandma is becoming internet savvy. There is a day coming when almost all business will be conducted in one way or another over the internet. No one picks up a copy of the Yellow Pages when they are looking for a mechanic or plumber. Print advertising is already a virtually extinct option. Internet searches is now how almost all people find new places of business. Take advantage of this opportunity to begin to grow your internet presence and establish dominance in your field while there is still time.